Parkingstreams is a Greek Startup working in the field of Smart on-Street Parking. We are using technology in order to ease motorists’ on-street parking search and to help cities manage their parking resources. Parkingstream proposes an innovative system (patent pending) that  can:

  1. The first one has to do with the smart parking and the detection and reporting of available on street parking spots. Here Parkingstream is offering an innovative low cost alternative to existing systems. Our competitors today focus on single-spot occupancy detection. Parkingstream has chosen a different path and is monitoring instead the vehicles' flow coming-in and going-out of a street.
  2. The second dimension has to do with the development of the first fully automated on street parking payment system disrupting the market.

Smart Parking

  • Reduce C02 emissions
  • Eliminate sound pollution
  • Eliminate traffic and reduce accidents
  • Efficient resource management
  • Economic Growth
  • Reduce of Stress for motorists
  • Control of Vehicles

Automatic Parking Payment System

  • A system that monitor the time each vehicle spends parked in a street
  • Automatic payment is possible
  • Linked with existing infrastructure and available payment options
  • Parking authorities know if one has paid less than what should have been paid
  • Parking Enforcement teams become redundant
  • Possibility to use with existing Smart Parking /installations
patent pending