Our Vision

Parkingstream is a startup preparing the street parking enforcement of the future where all tedious and inefficient manual work of today will become fully automated. We believe in a future where the residents can easily find a parking spot in the night and the city guests can visit all small stores without hassle.

The Value Proposition

The only Smart City platform that can automate Street Parking Control & Enforcement. We help cities maximize their revenues while minimizing their costs.


Revenue Increased By At Least 25%

Achieve a constant parking control and not settling with a street revisit rate of a few times per day

Smart Parking Is At The Core Of Our Functionality

Providing motorists with Parking Availability Data

Minimize Parking HR Expenditures

Cities can now use their resources where it really matters

Becomes Smart City IoT Backbone Network Transforming A City Into An Intelligent One

City And Traffic Light Control
Public vehicle tracking
Delivery vehicle monitoring
Stolen vehicle detection

The Three Pillars of Parkingstream

Automatic parking enforcement and parking fine automation will provide seamless integration for all payments, enabling at the same time the detection of illegal or expired parking
Seamless payments and peace of mind for the people
Revenue maximization, with cost minimization for the city
Provides traffic data helping motorists identify the available parking spots in the city's center
Ease of parking, accident reduction and time savings
Up to 30% traffic and pollution reduction
Parkingstream's IoT network can integrate a smart city's infrastructure and provide advanced functionality such as:

  • Traffic light and street light tuning
  • Stolen vehicle detection
  • Delivery vehicle monitoring
  • Street traffic monitoring

Our Introductory Video

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