Currently, there are no open positions. However, we actively look for talented people sharing the same passion with us: to upset the parking ecosystem.


To change the way people park their cars and the way cities organize their resources. Focusing in the field of smart-cities and smart parking, we use computer vision and Automatic License Plate Recognition techniques in order to fully automate on-street parking control and enforcement tasks.


As a team, we’re driven by our values and our focus on big growth. At the heart, we believe people do their best work when they’re being given the freedom to create and grow. Thinking big, bringing a positive attitude, and taking full ownership are three characteristics that thread our team together.


  • Choose positive
  • Go for it boldly and without fear of failure
  • Be kind, humble & trustworthy
  • Proactively seek out ways to grow
  • Always run the extra mile
  • We conspire to change the world but we don’t believe in conspiracy theories
  • We’re all owners

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