Fine Management System

An integrated system for managing traffic violations and vehicle fines. Linking payments, city officials, enforcement officers and garages

For the Driver

Platform for payment and managing own fines

For the Officials

  • City officials: have an overview of all fines
  • Enforcement officers: ability to register fines
  • Garage owners: verification of vehicle repair

Advanced Stat Generating

  • Grouping by area and date
  • Select by type
  • Paid vs unpaid fines
  • Split by vehicle country
  • Split by ticket type
Fines by category - April 2021Total fines

Issuing New Tickets

Parkingstream ticket issuing system

Easy Access to Ticket Records

License Plate No.:
Flag of Greece
Fine Type:
Traffic Law Violation (Status of Vehicle)
Fine Description:
Broken Tail Light
Date Created:
2021/05/10 11:13:19 UTC
Date Fined:
2021/05/10 11:14:20 UTC
Repair Status:
Not Fixed
1- Authority User

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